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About Us

Since day one, Derek wasn’t looking for a job, he was looking for something that makes him happy. Everyone has a dream of finding something they could do every day with energy and fulfillment, but some just stop looking and settle down with a safe and secure nine to five. But not Derek, he focused on his creative skills and built a company that supports personal and business causes to take their dreams to the next level. We know that everyone tries to be different, but not us. We are you, we are an extension of your vision and a bridge to your desired branding goals. Ultimately, we work for you, each and every one of our clients is our boss. We make sure to provide you the best level of service and the quality of product with each project. We look forward to answering questions, giving advice and finding a solution that would amplify your vision. If you’re looking for promotional products, don’t just go to a promotional products company and place an order, go to a promotional products company that understands your goals and understands what it takes to convey the passion behind every vision. And the only way to make sure that happens is make sure the company you choose has passion and vision. It is simple, we work for you, PERIOD!
Derek Bentley

Derek Bentley


My goal is to make sure the product is delivered the way it should be and that you are 100% satisfied with your product.

Carol Fowler

Carol Fowler


Debbie Bentley

Debbie Bentley

Office Manager

I keep the crew in line and keep things organized. I also answer any questions you may have and provide updates on orders.

Tracie Frye

Tracie Frye

Production Manager

I make sure your image file is properly transferred to screen. I also keep an eye on quality control to ensure a quality product.